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We would like to welcome you to Baumholder.

Baumholder, a city with approximately 4400 residents is well known as the home of a U.S. Army garrison, which was established in the 1950s. It is also the seat of the government offices of the district of Baumholder. Today thousands of American soldiers and civilians live in Baumholder with their families. Germans and Americans have been living and interacting with each other here for many decades. The residents of Baumholder are open-minded and have become accustomed to the „American way of life“. The Americans who are stationed here or live in Baumholder, appreciate the city and feel at home with the local Germans. 

One of the distinctive traits of Baumholder is the military training area. It was established in 1937/1938, and is 12 km (7.5 miles) long and 15 km (9 miles) wide, covering an area of 19 acres. In order to establish this training area 14 villages were closed, which resulted in 4000 people needing to re-locate. In 1960 the German Federal Armed Forces were given control of this area. The military training area offers a lot of possibilities to learn and to gather military experience. Today it is also an important employer and economic factor for the region. Besides its military function it is important for nature conservancy. 60% of the area is covered with forest and is home for a large number of animals and plants, some of which are threatened by extinction.

The "heart of the town" is the "Stadtweiher". This natural swimming lake offers a lot of fun in and around the water for the whole family. For example there is a trampoline and a water slide in the water. Water- and Ballgames are also possible. A sales-kiosk offers snacks, ice cream and drinks. There is no admission charged and parking is free. The lifeguards are provided by the "DLRG", which is the largest voluntary life guard organization in the world, as well as the city of Baumholder. In the winter time the lake is frozen and ice skating is allowed. 

Other sights of the city are the "Leichenpförtchen" and the "Dicker Turm". The "Leichenpförtchen" is a gate-tower of the old city wall. The beginning of the 16th century the  people who had died were carried through the gate-tower to the cemetery. The "Dicke Turm" is also a part of the former city wall. Both sights are some of the oldest in Baumholder. Another place of interest is the "Heritage Museum".

The district of Baumholder includes 14 villages plus the city of Baumholder. Every village has its own charm and highlights.

We hope this gives you a few ideas of the many activities and places of interest in and around Baumholder and wish you an enjoyable stay.

Sincerely yours,

District Mayor Bernd Alsfasser


District Mayor Bernd Alsfasser

Am Weiherdamm 1

55774 Baumholder

Phone: 06783 810


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