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Dear American citizens of Jettenbach,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our village.

On behalf of the community of Jettenbach and its citizens, I wish you a pleasant time in our town and that you will keep your stay in Jettenbach in good memory for many years to come.

Your mayor,

Timo Harth

A brief explanation of the name "Jettenbach":

The village was first mentioned in 1348 and belonged to the county of Veldenz. From 1694 Jettenbach belonged to the Electoral Palatinate.

The first syllable of the village name refers to the ryegrass that still grows on the local creek today. This part of the old German name "jetto" was then used for weeds, or as a plant name for ryegrass. It can be assumed that the first settlers had to weed this ryegrass to culitvate the meadows, but also the center of the village. This epithet "jetto" was followed by the basic word -bach (creek). This would explain the original meaning of the village name as a creek, which flows through a valley overgrown with ryegrass (jetto).


Mayor Timo Harth


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