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Welcome to Niedermohr!

Niedermohr is divided into 4 districts, of which Reuschbach stands out because of its landscape. It is rather mountainous, located very quietly, and is about 3 km away from the Niedermohr district. Niedermohr and Schrollbach are very flat and therefore suitable for sports activities.

The Ramstein Air Base is approximately 8 km away but hardly noticeable.

We have a sports club and a cycle path nearby. Niedermohr also has a train station and a direct train connection.

In Kirchmohr you will find a very beautiful pilgrimage church. It is worthwhile to get to know and explore Niedermohr with its neighboring districts. You will certainly not be disappointed.

We are looking forward to your stay. 

Mayor Uli Zimmer


Mayor Uli Zimmer

Zum Krämersberg 7

66879 Niedermohr

Phone: 0177 5566055

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