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Welcome to Otterbach, the gate to the Lauter valley.

Our town with about 4,000 inhabitants is located closely to the urban center of Kaiserslautern. Right next to the big city, our town offers a quiet and comfortable life.

Otterbach offers all basic necessities one needs for every-day life. The town has a well-developed infrastructure including doctors (general practitioners and a dentist), physiotherapy, a pharmacy, supermarkets, bakeries, a butcher and a health and beauty store. This great selection is expanded by three pre-schools/kindergartens and one elementary school.

The diverse and lively club life in Otterbach offers many possibilities for inhabitants and interested people to either get involved or visit some of the many festivities hosted by the clubs. A big play ground in our local recreation area, an “explore the forest” adventure path and many biking and hiking paths offer wonderful opportunities for your personal free time arrangement.

To sum it all up, Otterbach is a very lovely town!


Mayor Stefan Kölbel



Carola Ibrom

Hauptstr. 54

67697 Otterberg

Phone: 06301 607-800


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