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Dear fellow citizens,

Together with people across Europe, we in the Lauterecken-Wolfstein union community face one of the greatest social, economic and health challenges in recent decades.

The regulations of the federal government, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the local authorities in the context of the corona pandemic present harsh restrictions in your everyday life. A situation that will not be over within a few days or weeks.

Together with my employees, my primary goal is to maintain the core services offered by the administration during this difficult period.

With that said, I ask for your understanding of the mandatory restrictions in our service.

Older people in particular are at risk from the virus. They are strongly advised to avoid personal contacts as much as possible and to stay at home. This social distance due to the pandemic does not necessarily mean social coldness. Here the local community is ready to support. Voluntarily organized shopping or purchase services in the communities can help to make everyday life easier for the elderly, especially since the senior citizen bus service offered by the community has had to be discontinued for reasons of infection protection.

Our communities are characterized by consistently good social cohesion and a high degree of local solidarity. Now is the best opportunity to prove it once again.

Schools and day care centers work in emergency groups with the smallest possible number of children. Regular classes do not take place. Parents are asked to organize the care of their children as independently as possible. This is a particular challenge for working parents. Here too, the community of solidarity is asked to develop voluntary local offers.

The contact persons for volunteers include the respective city / town mayors and community leaders of your community.

I would like to thank all of my fellow citizens, my employees, the schools and daycare centers, and in particular the volunteers and parents, who are already mastering the balancing act between work and self-organized childcare and for their understanding.



Andreas Müller


Lauterecken-Wolfstein, March 18th, 2020


Mayor Rainer Mohr

Friedhofstraße 4

67753 Rothselberg

Phone: 06304 5564


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