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In our community Salmtal we have been living with American service members & families in friendship and harmony for many decades. As locals from Salmtal, we are proud to constantly contribute to an active an open community of all of our residents.

All American military personnel of the Spangdahlem Air Base and private individuals with their families are cordially welcome to be part of our community in Salmtal!

Salmtal is a well developed center in the union community Wittlich-Land and offers a wide array of services such as a Kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school with graduation possibility, physicians, pharmacy, senior citizens' home, fire department, social facilities and covers the entire range of daily needs. In the cultural, social and sports sphere, a wide range of activities is possible.

The infrastructure is excellent with the connection to the Autobahn A1/A60, county roads, a train station on the railway line Koblenz - Trier, and the airport near Fören/Hahn/Luxembourg.

Markus Peter Meyer,

Mayor of Salmtal


Mayor Markus Peter Meyer

Im Neugarten 19

54528 Salmtal


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