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Living on the outskirts of the Palatinate Forest!

Our beautiful local community Bann with an area of ​​around 1300 ha is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, county of Kaiserslautern and belongs to the union community of Landstuhl.

On the outskirts of the Palatinate Forest Nature Park, Bann lies in the beautiful Steinalb valley, approx. 13 kilometers southwest of Kaiserslautern between the ridges of the Hausberg mountain (474m), the Kahlenberg mountain (464m) and the Kirchberg mountain (435m). From these mountains you can gaze at the village and the beautiful landscape.

Around 2300 people live in our community, who are called "Bännjer Worschtzippel", plus an additional approximately 300 Americans and NATO members. 35 local associations ensure an active community life and a wide range of leisure activities. The forests around our village invite you to take long walks.

In addition to numerous club celebrations, the Bännjers also celebrate their “Bännjer Worschtzippelfest” every year on the last weekend in June. The "Bännjer Kerb" funfair is celebrated annually in September on the Sunday before Michel Day (September 29). The entire village is on its feet for this occasion and, together with the Straußbuwe (local youth group), revives the Kerwe tradition. The event year ends with the traditional Christmas market, at which the participating clubs offer many culinary specialties and create an enchanted pre-Christmas atmosphere. Volunteering and social interaction are very important to us. And living with our American friends is very important to us. Most of the announcements for our community or club festivals are also provided in English.

It is worth living here in Bann. We warmly welcome everyone who wants to visit us or live here!

Yours sincerely,

Stephan Mees



Mayor Stephan Mees


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