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ErzenhausenRamstein Air Base · KMC


  • Dripstone Cave

    Points of interest


    Follow hiking trail signs „Versuche der Erzgewinnung“ (two crossed green hammers)

    67685 Erzenhausen


    Short description

    In 1911, two Erzenhausen citizens discovered the mouth of a tunnel on the western slope of the Rautenart hill and entered an approximately 1.80 m high cave with a total length of 76 m. The find was a sensation and gave rise to numerous speculations. The most amazing thing about the tunnel were the many 20 cm long and 1 to 1.5 cm thick stalactites that had formed on the ceiling during the almost 200 years since the tunnel was built. When the light came in, they glowed and gave the corridors a ghostly look. The "cave" was expanded and made accessible to visitors.

    Today the beginnings of stalactites are still preserved in the back of the corridors. The stalactites form again due to the constant dripping of water.

    A flashlight and sturdy, waterproof shoes are essential for a visit. The cave is closed in the fall and winter months. It offers numerous bats shelter to overwinter.

    Opening times

    April - September