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The Herforst Community, represented by Mayor Werner Pick, is delighted to welcome you and your family in our small, but very attractive village. If you live here permanently or just temporarily, it is very nice that you are a part of our community, now.

Make contacts and friends in your new neighborhood and partake in the various offers of our community, associations, clubs and groups.

Herforst offers something for everyone and depending on your personal preferences and interests, you will find the right place for yourself and your family.


We particularly welcome your active support or work within the village community.

We want you to be comfortable here and for an easy start in your new community, we will provide you with some useful information. You can also vist our community's websitein English!

Should you have any additional questions, please contact one of the POCs at the provided phone number or address.

Welcome to Herforst!

Sigrid Heinemann


Mayor Sigrid Heinemann

Römerstraße 21

54662 Herforst

Phone 06562/930693


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