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Kottweiler-Schwanden is anidyllic located rural municipality in the geographical transition area between the west Palatinate swamp valley and the north palatinate mountainous region, tangent to the foothills of the Palatinate forest.

The village includes the two village districts Kottweiler and Schwanden which together are home to about 1200 residents.

The first documented mention of this town is dated back to the year of 1349. The village’s crest is of green base color. Under a golden imperial orb it shows a silver forest axe slantways crossed by a silver hoe. The axe and the hoe are symbols for the historical fact that Kottweiler-Schwanden was originally developed on cleared woodland.

As part of a communal reform in the 1970s Kottweiler-Schwanden became a part of the association of municipalities of 'Ramstein-Miesenbach‘. It is the smallest town in this municipality. 

Since 1978 this small village maintains a special partnership with Rambervillers in France.

Thanks to the nearby intersections Ramstein-Miesenbach and Hütschenhausen, which are both only about 5 minutes driving distance, Kottweiler-Schwanden enjoys a great location for Autobahn access, specifically for direct access of the A62 Trier (intersection Hütschenhausen) and the A6 Mannheim/Saarbruecken (intersection Ramstein-Miesenbach). Additionally Kottweiler-Schwanden also offers an hourly bus transportation opportunity to Ramstein-Miesenbach, and thus to Kaiserslautern.


Mayor Gabriele Schütz

Rambervillersstraße 2

66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden

Phone: 06371 57256


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