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Kottweiler-SchwandenRamstein Air Base · KMC


  • Internet

    Internet, Phone

    Fast internet connection is available in Kottweiler-Schwanden!

    The increasing communication over the Internet requires ever more powerful access lines. DSL with bandwidths under one Megabit belong to the past.

    Whether for school, study, home workplace or private applications (e.g. online banking, video streaming, etc.), fast internet is an integral part of our lives. A modern internet connection is one of the structural minimum requirements of a building. For this reason, the RMe-NET Kottweiler-Schwanden wants to provide broadband Internet connections in the future.

    You can find a booklet for VDSL packages up to 25 Mbit/s or 50 Mbit/s and for ADSL with a speed of 6.000 Kbit/s or 16.000 Kbit/s.