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  • Free WIFI in the city of Ramstein-Miesenbach

    Internet, Phone

    Free wireless internet access with the high speed wireless network WESTPFALZ-WIRELESS is available in various areas within Ramstein-Miesenbach's central city. WESTPFALZ-WIRELESS provides a broadband WIFI access with up to 100 Mbit/s.

    The first 12 internet hotspots enable citizens and guests to access the internet for up to 60 minutes per day free of charge, and to transfer up to 1 Gbyte of data within this time span. If the time span or the data volume does not satisfy your needs, you can upgrade your connection via a paid service variant with attractive conditions. The access locations can be found on the website.

    To prevent misusage, access is verified by a mobile phone number.

    To register for this service please follow this instruction

    1. Turn on your internet-accessible device and ensure that WIFI functionality is enabled.

    2. Select "Westpfalz-Wireless" from the list of available wireless networks.

    3. You will automatically be redirected to the welcome page of Westpfalz-Wireless (landing page - InfoPortal and registration).

    4. Select the flag "Anmeldung" ("application") on the welcome page (landing page). After that, you need to register with a German mobile phone number, using the international format (+49...). You will then receive your access details via a text message. Please enter these details to log in.

    5. Open your internet browser and select any internet address.

    6. You can now surf the internet for up to 60 minutes per day, transferring up to 1 GByte during this time span.

    • Internet connection

      Internet, Phone

      In 2010 the expansion of the glass fiber network was started in Ramstein-Miesenbach and is continually upgraded. Many households in the city already have the opportunity to gain access to the very fast internet connection of up to100 Mbit/s. Areas which are not connected to glass fiber can be supplied with the copper phone line.

      The streets of the city where a glass fiber network is already available are listed on this website.

      For further information about the broadband network please call the Stadtwerke Ramstein-Miesenbach, the public utility company at 06371 592316.